IPRIS Maghreb Bulletin

SPRING 2012 -- Table of Contents:

Marco Pinfari, "The EU in Libya, one year on"

Ulla Holm, "Why has the Arab Spring not 'hit' Algeria"

Aomar Boum, "Moroccan rappers and political descent in the age of the 'Arab Spring'"

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AUTUMN/WINTER 2012 -- Table of Contents:

Tobias Schumacher, "In the Name of His Majesty: Morocco's Parliamentary Elections of 2011"

Mamoun A. Ismaili, "Power Devolution in Mauritania: The Chasse Gardée of a Rent-Seeking Elite"

Matt Buehler, "Tunisia's Elections: Islamist-Leftist Alliance to Solidify the Revolution"

SUMMER 2011 -- Table of Contents:

Tobias Schumacher and Paulo Gorjão, "Editors' Note"

Isabelle Werenfels, "Promoting the "good Islam": the regime and Sufi-Brotherhoods in Algeria"

Jean-Pierre Cassarino, "Unauthorized migration: another agreement between Italy and Tunisia?"

Larbi Sadiki, "The clay 'tiger': Tunisia and the end of the 'bread' economic model"

Daniel Nethery, "France and the Libyan intervention"

APRIL 2011 -- Table of Contents:

Eric M. Fischer, "Morocco: 2010 in perspective"

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MARCH 2011 -- Table of Contents:

Cédric Jourde, "Mauritania 2010: between individual willpower and institutional inertia"

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FEBRUARY 2011 -- Table of Contents:

Dirk Axtmann, "2010: the last year of an authoritarian development model and the limits of Tunisia's electoral authoritarian regime"

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DECEMBER 2010/JANUARY 2011 -- Table of Contents:

Amor Boubakri, "What are democracy's prospects for the Tunisian revolt?"

Tobias Schumacher, "Tunisia's five key challenges on the road to democracy"

Jan Volkel, "Fearing the message from South Sudan"

Melanie Morisse-Schilbach, "Science, technology and development in the Maghreb: prospects for stability and change"

Appeal: help our Tunisian university colleagues

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OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2010 -- Table of Contents:

Kevin Köhler, "All the King's men: The emergence of the Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM) in Morocco"

Axel Goldau, "Western Sahara -- the last African Colony: An endless story"

Hanna Diederich, "The Spanish enclave Melilla and international migration"

Julie Pruzan-Jørgensen, "New female voices within the Islamist movement in Morocco"

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AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2010 -- Table of Contents:

Eva Wegner and Miquel Pellicer, "Prospects for a PJD - USFP alliance in Morocco"

Hannes Bahrenburg and Thomas Richter, "The show must go on: Questions of legitimacy give way to more pressing issues in Mauritania"

Francesco Tamburini, "Italy and the Maghreb: So far and yet so close"

Isaías Barreñada, "Spain and Morocco: Good partners and badly matched neighbors"

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JULY 2010 -- Table of Contents:

Kristina Kausch, "Tunisia: EU incentives contributing to new repression"

Iván Martín, "Algeria's economic nationalism: Vinatge 2010"

Rui Alexandre Novais, "Stalemate in the Western Sahra: The blocking trilogy"

Bruce Maddy-Weitzman, "The limits and potentials of Israel-Maghreb relations"

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JUNE 2010 -- Table of Contents:

Cédric Jourde, "The unavoidable power of the military in Mauritania"

Larbi Sadiki, "Democracy and EU Association in Bin Ali's Tunisia: Where to?"

Diogo Noivo, "Real reformism or political diversion? Saif al-Islam Gaddafi's role in domestic Libyan politics"

Anna Khakee, "How seriously does the EU take governance reform in Morocco? The test case of justice sector reform"

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MAY 2010 -- Table of Contents:

Derek Lutterbeck, "An appetite for arms? Libya's re-emergence on the international arms market"

Rachid Ouaissa, "Algeria's Islamists between inclusion and exclusion"

Tobias Schumacher, "Morocco's advanced status or 'the spirits that I called'"

Yahia Zoubir, "The unresolved Western Sahara conflict and its repercussions"

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APRIL 2010 -- Table of Contents:

Editors' note

Tobias Schumacher, "The Arab League and the politics of irrelevance"

Diogo Noivo, "Libya's enfant terrible: New international context -- same old attitude"

Hakim Darbouche, "EU-Algerian relations need 'energizing'"

Mahjoob Zweiri, "Iran and North Africa: Between honeymoon and confrontation"

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